Message from our pastor

In an unstable world where bad news seems to be around every corner, people can’t seem to find the meaning of life, and brokenness is the norm;  it’s my passion to let the world know that there is some eternally “good news” that offers true meaning and healing for our brokenness. 

The Gospel is the “good news” that God became man in Jesus Christ, lived the life we should have lived, died the death we should have died on the cross, on the third day He was resurrected proving that He is truly the Son of God and now offers forgiveness of sins, a relationship with our Heavenly Father and eternal life to all who repent and believe.  

I have  personally experienced the forgiveness, satisfaction, healing, purpose and relationships that God offers through the Gospel of His Son, Jesus Christ. It’s that Gospel message and reality that we are passionate about bringing to the world here at Bethel Community Church. No matter what walk of life or stage of life you may be in or have come from I can promise you God loves you and His love will be shown to you here at Bethel Community Church.

I am praying for the peace and power of Jesus Christ to fill your life today!

For His glory,

Brock Lillis