At Bethel, we want to help every person discover God's purpose! We have created a series of Next Steps. These are environments that will help you grow in your faith and in fellowship with others as we accomplish the vision of reaching a city to touch the world with Christ!

Our membership process is fairly simple. It is comprised of two classes: Spiritual Foundations and Spiritual Family. Below you will see times for when these classes meet. Also note each month there is a membership intensive class that makes up both classes in one.

  • Spiritual Foundations (1 hour class, every 2nd Sunday during our 10:45am service)
  • Spiritual Family (1 hour class, every 3rd Sunday during our 10:45am service)
  • Membership Intensive (Every 3rd Thursday of the month at 7pm, covers both Foundations & Family)

After completing our membership class we don't want you to sit on the bench, we want you to get in the game! Below are some next steps you can take in your relationship with Christ.
  • Water Baptism (sign up at the Connection Point in main lobby)
  • Areas of Service
  • Life Groups
  • Spiritual Freedom (all day event, twice a year)

If you have any questions or want to join in this process , please contact us here or speak with someone at the Connection Point table in the lobby before or after Sunday service.